You can generally tell the state of my life based on how overdue my library books are.

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god bless captain america

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fritzflynn asked: Hey. after reading your blog for a bit, I would like to propose a little experiment. Have you heard about the IAT? The Implicit-association test. Using this Test you can evaluate the conscious-unconscious divergence between various topics. In plain language: You can test if you are unconscionably (e.g.) racist. I really would like to see your results. And I think it might also be interesting for you/ your audience. With all the best wishes from Germany M.S.


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I took this test for work two months ago during the planning for a diversity training I’m heading up. I scored “No Strong Preference.” It’s a really fascinating test. At the time, I was the only person of color on the planning committee and everyone else got “Strong Preference for White People” except for one little old white lady who got “Strong Preference for African American People.”

But yeah, I’m not sure if that test means anything or not, but there ya go.


Here’s the link:

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"The perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters.” - The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online


"The perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters.”The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online

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My life is too annoying right now. 

First off, I lost my graphing calculator. And I feel awful. What’s a math major without her EXPENSIVE GRAPHING CALCULATOR SHE GOT FOR HER BIRTHDAY IN THE EIGHTH GRADE. 

Then, I found out I hadn’t been paid for an entire quarter of grading work I did for a professor. And now I have to go talk to HR and get that fixed. I need the money now so ahhhh gimme it.

And now, my class schedule for this quarter is so sucky. I literally have no time to do anything for almost every day of the week. 

So now I’m complaining about it to you guys. Haha, in your face, you have to listen to my pansy complaints.

Vlogbrothers - Mass Incarceration in the US

God, I wish I had a time turner so I could be a lawyer, journalist, and accountant all at the same time.

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